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“Generative Change isn’t about fixing flaws, it’s about painting masterpieces with the brushstrokes of potential.” - Unknown


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has revolutionized our understanding of how language, thought, and behavior interact. Imagine stepping beyond the limitations of traditional Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and entering a realm where transformation is no longer just a possibility, but a potent reality. This is the world of Generative Change (GC-NLP), an emerging approach that unlocks the hidden potential within you, empowering you to evolve and optimize your life. This emerging approach transcends traditional NLP by emphasizing the activation and amplification of internal resources for sustainable growth.

Think of NLP as a sculptor, meticulously shaping existing clay. GC-NLP, however, is a catalyst, a spark that ignites the fires of creativity and growth within you. It’s about transcending limitations and unleashing your unique potential to create the life you truly desire.

GC-NLP is not just a set of tools; it’s a philosophy, a way of life. It invites you to become the architect, the artist, and the alchemist of your journey. Embrace the transformative power of GC-NLP and paint a masterpiece of growth and fulfillment on the canvas of your life.


“Generative Change isn’t a journey, it’s a revolution, one transformation at a time.” - Uknown

  1. Unlocking hidden potential: Discover and unleash the powerhouse within, propelling you towards personal and professional fulfillment.

  2. Igniting creativity and innovation: Foster a mindset that welcomes new possibilities and births groundbreaking solutions.

  3. Building stronger relationships: Deepen connections through authentic communication and genuine understanding.

  4. Enhancing resilience and adaptability: Navigate challenges with greater ease and resourcefulness, emerging stronger from life’s storms.

GC-NLP isn’t just a toolkit for change; it’s a catalyst for transformation. It invites you to become the architect, the artist, and the alchemist of your own life, painting a masterpiece of growth and fulfillment.


Generative Change, a potent approach to personal growth and transformation, hasn’t sprung into existence overnight. It’s a fascinating evolution of established philosophies and practices, weaving together threads from diverse fields to create a tapestry of self-optimization. Let’s embark on a journey through its origins, unearthing the fertile ground from which it sprouted:

Early Seeds of Potential:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):

  • The pioneering work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder laid the foundation. They recognized the limitations of solely focusing on problem-solving and emphasized the power of unlocking hidden potential and activating internal resources. This seeds the idea of cultivating possibilities within ourselves, rather than simply weeding out problems.

  • Ecology of Mind: Gregory Bateson’s concept of the interconnectedness of internal and external systems resonated deeply. It challenged the notion of individuals as isolated entities and paved the way for a holistic approach to understanding and influencing our experience. Generative Change embraces this systemic perspective, recognizing the impact of our internal landscape on the world around us and vice versa.

  • Milton Erickson’s Therapeutic Approach: Erickson’s emphasis on utilizing resourceful states and accessing unconscious wisdom further influenced the evolution of generative approaches. He demonstrated the power of tapping into internal strengths and bypassing limitations, inspiring the idea of cultivating generative states as a foundation for positive change. Robert Dilts: Cultivating the Garden of Potential:

  • Robert Dilts, a leading NLP figure, became a crucial catalyst for Generative Change. Here are some key contributions:

  • Metamodeling: He identified the importance of understanding the structure of our experiences, and the “how” behind our thoughts and actions. This empowers us to consciously design and redesign our internal landscapes, creating fertile ground for desired outcomes.

  • Generative States: Dilts emphasized the crucial role of cultivating resourceful states, those where we feel empowered, confident, and capable. These states become the springboard for positive action and transformation.

  • Neuro-Linguistic Submodalities: He delved deeper into the nuances of our experience, exploring how we process information through our senses. This understanding allows us to fine-tune our internal resources and optimize our responses to the world.

  • Generative Change: A Flourishing Landscape:

These early seeds blossomed into a vibrant and dynamic field. Generative Change principles like resource-oriented focus, holistic perspective, metamodeling, and systemic awareness empower individuals to:

  • Unleash hidden potential: Move beyond limitations and discover the wellspring of strengths and capabilities within.
  • Embrace possibilities: Cultivate a mindset that welcomes new ideas and fosters innovative solutions.
  • Navigate change with grace: Develop resilience and adaptability to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of life.
  • Strengthen relationships: Build deeper connections through authentic communication and genuine understanding.


Generative Change isn’t just about fixing flaws; it’s about igniting the spark of transformation within you. It’s an evolution of established approaches. Let’s delve into the core principles that guide this journey of self-optimization:

1. Resource-Oriented Focus: Ditch the magnifying glass on limitations! Generative Change shines a spotlight on your inherent strengths and capabilities. Imagine yourself as a fertile garden brimming with potential. Your task? Cultivate your unique talents, nurture your inner wisdom, and watch your strengths flourish.

2. Holistic Perspective: You’re not just a collection of parts; you’re a vibrant symphony of intelligences. Generative Change recognizes that verbal, visual, individual, collective, somatic, and intellectual intelligence work in harmony. By integrating these elements, you become a conductor, harmonizing your inner orchestra and composing the masterpiece of your authentic self.

3. Metamodeling: Unmasking the Blueprint: Imagine having access to the blueprint of your reality. That’s the power of metamodeling! This principle encourages you to understand how you construct your experiences, empowering you to consciously redesign and optimize your outcomes. Become the architect of your life, redrawing the blueprint to create a masterpiece that reflects your true potential.

4. Systemic Awareness: You’re not an island; you’re part of a dynamic ecosystem of interconnected systems. Generative Change equips you to navigate these systems with grace and adaptability. Think of yourself as a skilled sailor, riding the waves of change with awareness and resilience.

Optimizing Your Potential: A Continuous Journey:

Generative Change isn’t a static destination; it’s a dynamic journey of continuous growth and evolution. Here’s how you can optimize your potential:

  • Embrace Possibility: Cultivate a mindset that welcomes new ideas, fosters innovation, and celebrates the unexpected.
  • Strengthen Relationships: Build deeper connections through authentic communication, empathy, and genuine understanding.
  • Forge Resilience: Develop the tools to navigate challenges with ease, bounce back from setbacks, and emerge stronger than ever.
  • Nurture Creativity: Let your inner artist shine! Experiment, explore, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Generative Change is more than just a set of principles; it’s a philosophy, a way of being. It invites you to become the artist, the architect, and the alchemist of your own life. By embracing its transformative power, you can watch your potential blossom, step by step, into a masterpiece of self-discovery and empowered living.

Remember, your journey is unique. Explore these principles, discover what resonates with you, and watch your evolution unfold. Let Generative Change be the compass that guides you toward the vibrant landscape of your authentic self.


  • Sitting by side so you can perceive nuances in facial expression, gestures, and coloration of the skin and not stay in the way of a client who is accessing their images and creating metaphors in front of them.

  • Modulate your voice and speak slowly and melodically.

  • Be interested in client exploration.

  • Repeat the client’s words using his voice delivery. For instance, when the client spoke about an exciting event, his face lightened up, his words speeded up and his tone of voice was higher. As a professional, you are, to match his expression or attend acting class to learn essentials.

  • Connect the question and experience with coordinating conjunction and/as/when.


“My metamodel is a user manual for my inner drama queen.” - Unknown

Vlad: “Hello, What can I do for you today?”

Client: “I would like to improve my communication. I am pretty good at receiving and transmitting messages and I think I can still do better.”

Vlad: “As I understand there were times you were excellent, your communication flowed effortlessly and you would like to have those times more often. It’s that right?”

Client: “Yes. You understand!”

Vlad: “Have you ever been in a deep state of relaxation and comfort, dreaming? If you allow me I’ll present here Core transformation process and after that generative change for your improvement.”

Client: “After the Core transformation session. Wow, I never thought I could be one with everything and everyone. From this state, I can communicate much better. I see myself in the future evolving as well.”

Vlad: “And as you see yourself in the future evolving in communication I would like you to allow yourself to relax now in a deep and comfortable state of knowing that in a few moments, you will gather and use the strategies from all the moments in your life when you were communicating effortlessly and with elegance. I will lift your arm and I will not tell you to put it down any faster than you start a dream. In this dream, you will notice some strange things happening as you start to reorganize the elements of your communication and build up your perception. Observe that there were times you were flowing, knowing that all is good and they were different from the times that you manage to get a word across. That’s right. Your unconsciousness agrees and will look for patterns that are common when you were an excellent communicator. They might be distant, fuzzy and as you dream on they will come closer and become clearer and clearer. Flow and grow, reorganizing your perception. That’s right. You might start to wonder what you will learn and which patterns discern as your hand might start to go down only at the rate and speed of your learning. That’s right. And when your hand touches your knee the idea and patterns will fall in the right place and you’ll know that from now on building on your potential, experience, and connection you’ll grow.”

Client: “Before I have known that while in the state of being one, I am connected and can hear and deliver better. Now I have realized that I already building blocks of excellent communication from my past and somehow they are propagating into my future.”

Vlad: “That’s great. I would like to expand on the concept that you might have building blocks learning from your parents, siblings, familiars, teachers, friends, and as well from the movies, books, and articles as each of them presents us with the opportunity to know more.”

Client: “Yes. I know what you mean. I have learned clean language from tutors. Thanks very, very much”

Vlad: “You are welcome.”


Generative Change isn’t a quick fix; it’s a transformative journey of evolving and optimizing your potential. Think of it as cultivating a vibrant garden, where each step nourishes your inner seeds and leads to a flourishing harvest of empowered living. Here’s how the basic process unfolds:

1. Nurturing the Seed of Awareness:

  • Self-reflection: Begin by turning inward. Observe your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors without judgment. This self-awareness is the fertile soil where your potential takes root.
  • Identifying Desired Outcomes: What do you aspire to? Define your goals and desired outcomes with clarity. This becomes the guiding star for your generative journey.
  • Resource Inventory: Take stock of your internal assets. What strengths, talents, and knowledge do you possess? Recognizing your resources empowers you to leverage them for growth.

2. Cultivating the Soil of Possibility:

  • Metamodeling: Uncover the “how” behind your experiences. Explore the patterns and structures that influence your thoughts, emotions, and actions. This understanding allows you to consciously shift undesirable patterns and cultivate desired ones.
  • Resource State Activation: Tap into your internal wellspring of strength and confidence. Recall situations where you felt empowered and resourceful. Anchor yourself in these states to fuel your journey.
  • Visioning and Reframing: Craft a compelling vision of your desired future. Imagine yourself achieving your goals and feeling empowered. This powerful visualization becomes the roadmap for your transformation.

3. Tending the Garden of Growth:

  • Action and Experimentation: Translate your vision into concrete steps. Experiment with new behaviors and approaches, embracing the journey of learning and adaptation.
  • Feedback and Calibration: Continuously observe the impact of your actions. Seek feedback from trusted individuals and adjust your course as needed. This iterative process ensures you stay on track toward your desired outcomes.
  • Celebration and Gratitude: Acknowledge your progress and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. This reinforces positive behaviors and fosters a growth mindset.

4. Harvesting the Fruits of Transformation:

  • Integration and Embodiment: As you cultivate new patterns and behaviors, they become second nature. This integration allows you to live authentically and consistently from your empowered state.
  • Continuous Optimization: Generative Change is a lifelong journey. Embrace the ongoing process of learning, adapting, and evolving. Your potential is limitless, and the harvest of continued growth is always ripe for the picking.

Remember, the beauty of Generative Change lies in its adaptability. Tailor each step to your unique needs and preferences. Let curiosity be your guide, and trust the inherent wisdom within you to guide your evolution. Embrace the process, nurture your potential, and watch your life blossom into a vibrant masterpiece of your design.


  • Find a comfortable position, stillness settling within you like dew on a waiting leaf. Close your eyes, or soften your gaze if you prefer, allowing your breath to become a gentle anchor in the present moment.

Cultivating Awareness:

  • Imagine your mind as a vast garden, sunlight filtering through the branches of your thoughts. Notice the patterns of your inner landscape, the ebb and flow of emotions, the whispers of desires and anxieties. Be an observer without judgment, simply acknowledge what arises.

Discovering Your Seed of Potential:

  • Deep within this garden, a tiny seed lies dormant, pulsating with the potential for transformation. This seed holds the essence of your highest potential, your most empowered self. Feel its presence, its gentle promise of what you can become.

Nurturing the Soil of Possibility:

  • With a deep breath, draw in the fertile air of possibility. Feel it wash over you, cleansing and renewing, filling the spaces within your garden with the energy of change. Visualize this energy nourishing the seed of potential, coaxing it towards its first delicate sprout.

Metamodeling the Landscape:

  • Gently turn your attention to the structures and patterns that shape your internal landscape. Where are the weeds of limiting beliefs? Where are the patches of overgrown anxieties? Acknowledge these elements, but don’t let them define your potential.

Activating Resourceful States:

  • Remember a time when you felt empowered, capable, and brimming with confidence. Recall the sensations, the emotions, and the vibrant colors of that state. Anchor yourself in this memory, letting it fill you with the strength you need to cultivate new patterns.

Visioning Your Blossoming Self:

  • Look towards the horizon of your future. See yourself, not as you are, but as you desire to be. Imagine yourself achieving your goals, radiating confidence, and living from your empowered center. Hold this vision close, let it be your guiding star.

Planting the Seeds of Change:

  • With each breath, plant the seeds of your desired transformation. Imagine them taking root in your fertile garden, sending tendrils of positive change through your thoughts, emotions, and actions. Trust the process, and let them grow at their own pace.

Tending the Garden with Gratitude:

  • As you move through your day, be mindful of your internal landscape. Celebrate the small victories, the moments of progress, the blossoming of new patterns. Gratitude is the sun that nourishes your growth.

Embracing Continuous Evolution:

  • Remember, the generative process is a lifelong journey. There will be challenges, setbacks, and unexpected turns in the path. Embrace them as opportunities for learning, and continue to tend to the garden of your potential with unwavering dedication.

Returning to the Present:

  • Slowly, gently, bring your awareness back to the present moment. Carry the energy of this meditation with you, letting it guide your choices and actions. Remember, you are not just tending to a garden, you are becoming the gardener, the artist, the alchemist of your own empowered life.


▢️ Youtube - Interview with Stephen Gilligan on Generative Change


Q: Can you explain Generative Change in a nutshell?

A: Generative Change is a way to unlock your potential and actively shape your reality. It’s not just about fixing problems, but about cultivating your strengths, harnessing internal resources, and consciously designing your experiences. Imagine yourself as a gardener tending to the fertile soil of your potential, nurturing the seeds of your unique talents to blossom into your authentic self.

Core Principles: Your Compass

Q: What are the main principles guiding Generative Change?

A: Here are some key pillars:

  • Resource Focus: Shine a spotlight on your strengths and capabilities, not limitations. Like a skilled gardener, identify and amplify your hidden talents.
  • Holistic Perspective: You’re not just parts; you’re a symphony! Embrace the interconnectedness of physical, mental, emotional, and social aspects.
  • Metamodeling: Understand the “how” behind your experiences. This empowers you to redesign your internal landscape and create desired outcomes.
  • Systemic Awareness: Recognize you’re part of a dynamic ecosystem. Navigate these internal and external systems with grace and adaptability, like a sailboat riding the waves.

Different from the Rest?

Q: So, how does Generative Change stand out from other personal growth approaches?

A: It shines in several ways:

  • Potential, not Problems: It shifts focus from fixing flaws to nurturing possibilities.
  • Internal Strength Superstar: It emphasizes your wisdom and resources, not relying on external solutions.
  • Conscious Design Master: It empowers you to take ownership and actively shape your reality.

Benefits in Bloom: What Can You Expect?

Q: What are the potential rewards of practicing Generative Change?

  • Self-Discovery: Gain deeper insight into your thoughts, emotions, and motivations.
  • Confidence Booster: Discover your inherent strengths and tap into your internal resources.
  • Creativity Catalyst: Develop flexible thinking patterns and adapt to new situations with ease.
  • Relationship Builder: Build authentic connections based on mutual understanding and respect.
  • Meaningful Living: Live in alignment with your values and create a life that feels truly authentic.

Getting Started: Your Generative Journey

Q: How can I embark on my own Generative Change journey?

  • Read & Learn: Explore resources like “The Art of Possibility” or “The Generative Mindset.”
  • Workshops & Training: Immerse yourself in practical tools and techniques through workshops or online courses.
  • Coach & Therapist: Seek guidance from a qualified professional to support your growth journey.
  • Start Small & Grow: Begin with simple exercises, like identifying your strengths, and gradually incorporate them into your daily life.

Remember, Generative Change is a continuous journey. Embrace the process, celebrate your progress, and watch your potential blossom into a masterpiece of authentic living.


In the heart of AI’s ever-evolving landscape, a fascinating dance takes place – a never-ending loop of creation, detection, and adjustment. This intricate waltz, driven by the power of artificial intelligence, plays out across a stage where reality and illusion blur, leaving us breathless with its possibilities and potential pitfalls.

Act I: The Sorcerer’s Brush - AI Creates

With the stroke of an algorithmic brush, AI paints masterpieces of deception. Deepfakes, born from the womb of machine learning, mimic our faces, voices, and movements with uncanny accuracy. Politicians morph into puppets, celebrities speak words they never uttered, and history rewrites itself on a pixelated canvas. The potential for manipulation shimmers, a chilling reminder of the thin line between truth and fabrication.

Act II: The Keen Eye - AI Detects

But fear not, for the keen eye of AI stands vigil. Armed with razor-sharp algorithms, it dissects the fabric of deepfakes, searching for telltale tremors in pixels, inconsistencies in lip-syncing, and the subtle dance of micro-expressions. Like a digital Sherlock Holmes, it exposes the seams where reality and illusion stitch together, protecting us from the shadows of misinformation.

Act III: The Adaptive Mirror - AI Adjusts

The loop doesn’t end there. AI, the master of adaptation, steps in once again, this time not to deceive but to refine. It polishes the rough edges of deepfakes, smoothing out inconsistencies, enhancing expressions, and breathing life into digital creations. Historical figures come alive, animated by the touch of AI, while personalized experiences become reality, blurring the line between spectator and participant.

The Loop Continues: A Tangled Tapestry

This endless waltz of creation, detection, and adjustment isn’t a simple binary. It’s a tangled tapestry woven with threads of creative expression, ethical considerations, and the ever-present potential for misuse. As the loop spins, the questions echo:

  • Can AI be a tool for artistic innovation, or will it become a weapon of mass deception?
  • Who controls the brushstrokes in this digital dance – the algorithms, the creators, or the audience?
  • Can we navigate the ethical minefields of deepfakes while embracing their potential for positive change?

These are the questions that guide us as we move forward, hand in hand with AI, in this captivating and ever-evolving dance. It’s a dance that demands both caution and curiosity, critical thinking and creative exploration. For within this loop lies the power to shape the future, pixel by pixel, frame by frame, and ultimately, story by story.

So, join the dance. Embrace the possibilities, question the risks, and navigate the complexities. Remember, the power lies not just in the algorithms, but in our own hands, in our ability to use AI as a tool for good, for creativity, and for a future where reality and illusion collaborate to create a brighter, more vibrant world.

The loop continues, waiting for your next step. Will you contribute to the creation, the detection, or the adjustment? The choice is yours.


  • Resourceful Robin: My therapist said to focus on my strengths. Now I can justify binge-watching as “research for my future career as a professional couch potato.”
  • Meta-Mishap: Tried metamodeling my morning routine to be more efficient. Turns out, the “how” involved hitting snooze until my hair formed its ecosystem.
  • Optimizing Overload: My quest for optimal sleep involved meditating with binaural beats and lavender oil. Woke up convinced I could speak fluent dolphin.
  • Visionary Vacuuming: My roommate claims their Generative Change vision is “a floor perpetually free of crumbs.” I call it living in a dust bunny utopia.
  • Brown-Nosing with Benefits: My boss thinks I’m practicing Generative Change by praising their every decision. Little do they know, I’m harnessing the power of gratitude to manifest a raise.
  • Fearless (Maybe): My fear of heights? Gone! Thanks to my new “embrace the thrill” state. Now I just need to find a building taller than my bathtub.
  • Inner Critic Conundrum: My negative self-talk is in a full-blown existential crisis after I started practicing Generative Change. It’s not equipped to handle actual optimism.
  • Cat-astrophic Transformation: My cat tried “manifesting” a bigger food bowl. Now I have a mountain of kibble and a smug feline expression.
  • Universe Unresponsive: My daily affirmations haven’t brought me a million dollars yet. Maybe the universe is just bad at taking PayPal.
  • Holistic Hangry: My “connected to the earth” meditation led me to discover the urgent need for pizza. Turns out, spiritual growth can be fueled by pepperoni.
  • Nap-Time Power-Up: My Generative Change practice involves power naps. Don’t judge, I’m cultivating my internal energy reserves for world domination (or maybe just grocery shopping).
  • Beard Optimization Blues: My friend’s beard trimmer settings are now more complex than a space shuttle launch sequence. I think he’s lost sight of the actual purpose of shaving.
  • Bark-Based Manifestation: My dog’s convinced he invented Generative Change. He just barks at the door until he gets a walk. Seems like he’s mastered the art of manifesting treats.
  • Metamodeling Mishap: My attempt to understand my partner’s cryptic instructions with metamodeling backfired. Now we’re both lost in a philosophical rabbit hole about the meaning of “take out the trash.”
  • Accidental Optimist: My Generative Change journey started with a burnt toast incident. Now I see it as a delicious charcoal canvas for artistic expression. (Just don’t tell my stomach.)


  • From Bud to Bloom: We are not static buds, but dynamic blossoms waiting to unfurl. Generative Change is the sunlight and rain that nourishes our potential, coaxing us open to reveal our vibrant colors and unique fragrance.
  • The Sculptor’s Clay: We are not rigid statues, but malleable clay in the hands of our growth. Generative Change is the sculptor’s touch, gently shaping our form, and revealing the masterpiece within.
  • The River of Renewal: We are not stagnant ponds, but rivers carving their paths. Generative Change is the current that propels us forward, washing away limitations and carving new channels for our potential to flow.
  • The Adaptive Compass: We are not fixed needles pointing north, but dynamic compasses that adjust to the magnetic pull of our evolving selves. Generative Change is the recalibration, ensuring our path remains true to our authentic direction.
  • The Alchemist’s Furnace: Within us lies a transformative fire, waiting to melt the dross of negativity and refine the gold of our potential. Generative Change is the heat that stirs the flames, pushing us through the crucible of growth.
  • The Butterfly’s Emergence: We are not caterpillars trapped in cocoons, but butterflies poised for flight. Generative Change is the gentle nudge that helps us break free, stretch our wings, and soar on the currents of possibility.
  • The Conductor of Harmony: We are not solo instruments, but full orchestras waiting for their conductor. Generative Change is the baton that raises our awareness, harmonizing our internal instruments into a symphony of self-expression.
  • The Cartographer of Potential: We are not lost in uncharted territories, but explorers with a map waiting to be drawn. Generative Change is the ink and quill, guiding us to map the unexplored landscapes of our potential.
  • The Gardener of Dreams: We are not barren wastelands, but fertile gardens where dreams can take root. Generative Change is the gardener’s touch, nurturing the seeds of our aspirations and watching them blossom into vibrant realities.
  • The Weaver of Habits: We are not woven from unyielding threads, but empowered weavers of our tapestries. Generative Change is the loom and shuttle, helping us reweave unproductive patterns into a tapestry of empowered choices.
  • The Architect of Experience: We are not passive observers of life, but active architects of our own experiences. Generative Change is the blueprint, guiding us to design a fulfilling life, brick by mindful brick.
  • The River of Resilience: We are not fragile streams, but resilient rivers carving through challenges. Generative Change is the current that carries us through rapids and eddies, ultimately leading us to a calmer, wiser shore.
  • The Kaleidoscope of Perception: We are not confined to one perspective, but kaleidoscopes with the power to shift our view. Generative Change is the gentle twist of the lens, revealing new patterns and possibilities hidden within familiar landscapes.
  • The Orchestra of Strengths: We are not solo performers, but talented ensembles waiting to harmonize. Generative Change is the conductor who recognizes our unique instruments and blends them into a powerful symphony of self-expression.
  • The Phoenix of Renewal: We are not consumed by our setbacks, but reborn from their ashes. Generative Change is the fire that refines us, leaving behind the wisdom and strength that fuel our next flight.
  • The Compass of Authenticity: We are not drawn to external magnets, but guided by the inner compass of our authentic selves. Generative Change is the recalibration that strengthens our inner signal, ensuring our path remains true to our unique north star.


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“My metamodel is a user manual for my inner drama queen.” - Unknown

  • I have read books, watched videos, attended seminars, and practiced on myself and others. I have learned that continuous improvement is a base for growth. Building on GENERATIVE CHANGE - EVOLVING AND OPTIMIZING I have learned to practice and practice and practice till I got the area in my blood. And then still practice some more. I do recommend that you search for a practitioner who has knowledge, skills, experience, and elegance for your first session.


Generative Change isn’t a destination, it’s a dance. It’s a continuous waltz between evolving and optimizing, a dynamic interplay of potential and realization. We are not static sculptures, but artists in motion, shaping our experience, refining our skills, and blossoming into the most empowered versions of ourselves.

This journey requires a delicate balance. Embrace the transformative fire that melts away limitations, but remember the gardener’s touch, nurturing the seeds of growth with care and patience. Listen to the whispers of your inner compass, but don’t be afraid to shift your perspective and explore uncharted territories.

Ultimately, Generative Change is a symphony of change orchestrated by your intention. It’s the conductor’s baton that harmonizes your strengths, the sculptor’s chisel that reveals your inner masterpiece, the architect’s blueprint for a fulfilling life.

So, step into the light, embrace the rhythm of continuous evolution, and let the music of your potential fill the world. Remember, every stumble is a chance to refine, and every setback is a catalyst for growth. This is your journey, your canvas, your symphony. Compose it with courage, paint it with passion, and dance to the rhythm of your ever-evolving self.

Let the Generative Change within you bloom, one vibrant possibility at a time.

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Klimsa Vladimir
He is an explorer of the structure of subjective experience, seeking a deeper understanding of how people experience the world through their conscious and subconscious minds. He studies the inner worlds of thoughts, feelings, and sensations that shape our perceptions, behaviors, and choices.
Representation - This article is part of a series.
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