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🗂️ Knowing 📁 Communication 🏷️ Tools Metaphors
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Knowing - This article is part of a series.
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“When the universe compels me toward the best path to take, it never leaves me with “maybe,” “should I,” or even “perhaps.” I always know for sure when it’s telling me to proceed - because everything inside me rises up to reverberate “YES!”


Gut feeling, Feeling of knowing, Metamemory, Tip of the tongue phenomenon are all descriptions of access to kinesthetic sensation of knowing attached to some event in out life. We will explore how to elicit the state of inner knowing and through simple exercises program out mind to experience this state more often in our life.


It starts as a subtle stir in your core - a fluttering that softly beckons. As if your soul is tapping you on the shoulder, trying to get your attention. Ignore it, and it will keep tapping, a bit more insistently.

When you finally pause to listen, it speaks in sensations, not words. Knowing feels like a golden glow warming you from the inside out. It resonates deep in your bones like a tuning fork struck.

There is a rightness to it. An unmistakable sense of truth ringing clear as a bell. This inner knowing bypasses your thinking mind completely, anchoring you in stillness. Here, there are no second guesses, just quiet conviction.

Knowing feels like a long exhale, as you relax into its guidance. A release of tension as you surrender to what is. Now is the time to take one step forward, then another.

The path illuminated before you is unquestionable. You feel held by the light of understanding. Knowing feels like coming home and hearing the click of the lock. Like a key turning in your soul.


  • Confidence - Inner certainty can breed self-assurance and help you feel capable of handling challenges. There is a quiet confidence that comes from trusting your inner wisdom.

  • Clarity - With inner certainty often comes increased clarity about which path is right for you. Inner knowing helps cut through confusion and guides your next steps.

  • Calm - An inner sense of certainty can calm worries, anxiety, and self-doubt. Making decisions feels peaceful when your soul is aligned behind them.

  • Courage - Knowing your truth gives courage to speak and act from an authentic place, even when it feels difficult or unpopular. Inner certainty steels your nerve.

  • Compassion - When you feel sure of your purpose and path, it’s easier to act with compassion toward yourself and others. You approach life gently.

  • Flow - There is an energetic flow that comes with inner certainty. Doors seem to open, resources align. You are buoyed by intuition’s current.

  • Groundedness - Inner conviction provides ballast through choppy waters. Your roots grow deeper when you act from soul-deep certainty.

  • Integrity - Following your inner knowing reflects integrity between your beliefs and actions. You walk your talk.


  • Our inner compass may wobble at times on our journey, but each realignment with inner certainty brings us closer to living authentically. It deepens with time and introspection.

  • There are milestones when we feel the click of inner knowing guide important choices around relationships, career, or purpose. Our path is revealed step by step.

  • When we repeatedly honor our inner wisdom over fear or societal expectations, inner certainty becomes an increasingly steady guide. We know ourselves deeply.

  • Timeline Do exercises as they are needed in order to follow the process.


Here are some common submodalities or qualitative aspects that can help identify genuine inner knowing:

  • Stillness - Inner knowing has a quiet, grounded feeling. The mind quiets down, and there is calm certainty.

  • Weight - Intuition carries substance and gravitas, in contrast to fleeting thoughts. Inner knowing feels weighted with truth.

  • Expansion - There is often a feeling of opening, relaxation, or spaciousness within the body, like exhaling.

  • Tingling - Some experience inner knowing through subtle physical sensations like tingling or goosebumps.

  • Warmth - An inner warmth or heat concentrated in the core or solar plexus may accompany an intuitive hit.

  • Chills - Alternatively, some feel a cooling ripple or chills down the spine when connecting to inner wisdom.

  • Harmony - Inner knowing creates internal alignment, coherence, and consonance. Things click into place.

  • Reverberation - Intuition can resonate through the body almost like a struck bell, echoing from within.

  • Pull - There is a sense of being gently magnetized or guided by the heart and gut, rather than pushed.

  • Persistence - Unlike fleeting thoughts, intuitive insights persist steadily in one’s awareness.

  • Clarity - Moments of inner certainty feel lucid, vivid and bright. Mental fog lifts.

  • Boldness - Inner knowing dispels doubt and infuses courage. It feels empowering, not shrinking.

Paying attention to these energy cues helps discern intuitive wisdom from ordinary thinking. With practice, we learn to recognize inner knowing through its distinctive flavors.

  • Submodalities Do the exercises as they are needed in order to follow up the process.


In Inner knowing, awareness refers to the capacity to effortlessly notice whatever is happening, both internally and externally. It is the open, spacious consciousness that is always present.

Some key points about awareness:

  • Awareness is present throughout the body. We can sense and feel our whole body right now, with no effort required.

  • Awareness extends into the space all around the body. If a sound happened, we would hear it automatically without trying.

  • There is no edge or limit to awareness. We have a sense of space extending in all directions.

  • Awareness allows us to notice thoughts, feelings, sounds, sensations, etc as they arise, without any judgment. It is a mirror that reflects whatever appears without distortion.

  • Awareness is always in the present moment. It cannot be located in the past or future.

  • Awareness has no inherent meaning or interpretation. It is the direct, pre-conceptual experience.

  • Awareness is a field of pure potentiality. Any experience can arise within it and dissolve back into it.

  • Awareness is the space in which everything happens, yet it remains untouched. Like the sky, it is always open and clear.

The aim in Inner knowing is to stabilize awareness so that we experience life from this open, undivided space rather than from a narrow sense of self. Regular practice helps develop awareness as our natural way of being.



  • Vladimir Klimsa is researcher, practitioner and author. Vladimir Klimsa, developed the process of Inner Knowing out of his own search for personal healing and spiritual awakening. He was born with a gift of enhanced Gut feeling which was coming randomly to unrelated events. Facing a health crisis, Vladimir desperately wanted to understand how to regain the state of certainty. He studied with spiritual teachers but found their instructions lacked precision.
  • Drawing from Milton Erickson’s, Connirae Andreas, Richard Bandler, Steve Andreas and Anthony Robbins work, his background in modeling excellence, and principles of spirituality, Vladimir sought to map the steps to Inner Knowing.
  • A key breakthrough was recognizing the structure of the Inner Knowing - locations in space that could be found through inner exploration.
  • He developed process, which reliably led to beneficial transformations. Vladimir began sharing these methods, now called Inner Knowing. He continues to refine the formats through guiding people who would like to experience certainty in their life.


  • Wholeness - Inner knowing encompasses all of who you are - mind, body, heart, and spirit. It is a whole-being wisdom.

  • Beyond Ego - Intuition comes from essence rather than ego. It transcends the conditioned self.

  • Innate Guidance - We are born with an inner compass. Inner knowing is our birthright.

  • In the Moment - Intuition operates in the present. It guides our next step, not far futures.

  • Integrative - Inner wisdom weaves together insight and information into an integrative whole.

  • Holistic - Intuition accounts for contexts, connections, and meanings beyond facts.

  • Pattern Recognition - Inner knowing taps into patterns and interrelationships across experiences.

  • Simplicity - Intuition simplifies rather than complicates our understanding. Complexity gives way to clarity.

  • Soulful - Inner knowing aligns with our higher purpose and deepest truths about ourselves.

  • Beyond Logic - Intuition transcends linear reasoning. Insight arises spontaneously.

  • Felt Sense - We “feel” our inner wisdom through subtle sensations in the body.

  • Instinctive - Inner knowing operates instinctively, without conscious thought.

  • Empowering - Following our intuition makes us feel expanded, not contracted.

  • Whisper - The voice of intuition is often quiet. We must listen closely.

  • Trust - Honing intuition requires trusting its guidance, even when it seems irrational.


  • Sitting by side so you can perceive nuances in facial expression, gestures, coloration of the skin and not stay in the way of client who are accessing their images and creating metaphors in front of them.

  • Modulate your voice and speak slowly and melodically.

  • Be interested and curious about client exploration.

  • Repeat client’s words using his voice delivery. For instance when the client spoke about exciting event, his face lightened up, words speeded up and his tone of voice was higher. As a professional, you are, match his expression or attend acting class to learn essentials.

  • Connect the question and experience with coordinating conjunction and/as/when.


  • Facilitator: Let’s begin by calibrating experiences of your life when you felt sensation of gut feeling or inner knowing. First one should be pleasant and comfortable. Second it’s overwhelming. What comes to mind?

  • Client: First one I was deciding between two choices and when I woke up I knew in all my body that second choice was right. I acted on it and I am happy that I did so. Second experience I was walking on the street when a powerful voice coming from heaven penetrated me entering my crown and going to my feet. I felt the message and I knew that I must do it.

  • Facilitator: Now, I would like you to bring to your mind an experience when you have taken a good decision and compare it with gut feeling. Show me with your hands the locations of each and describe the body sensation such as size, texture, shape, weight, temperature, solidness, movement, smell and taste.

  • Client: I can feel gut feeling spread to all my body and even being bigger than my body, it’s heavy, solid and I feel and smell calmness. I know that I follow up and act on it. Good decision is part body sensation in my chest, size of a grapefruit, soft, warm, sort of happy without a smell. I am content that I have taken this road.

  • Facilitator: That’s great. Now, compare overwhelming inner knowing with life decision. Show me with your hands the locations of each and describe the body sensation such as size, texture, shape, weight, temperature, solidness, movement, smell and taste.

  • Client: I feel like I am frozen, unable to move while the voice strikes me, grounds me and I know there is just this way. I feel connected to all and I am one with the source. It smells calm. Life decision has a lot of ups and downs, it’s moving, fluctuating, size is bigger like a watermelon, texture varies sometimes it is smooth and other times rough, sometimes it is sweet other times sour. I suppose that’s life.

  • Facilitator: Thanks for your description. Now thinking about gut feeling retract to the start and the location of origin. Where do they start, how fast and in which direction they go before they started to dissipate?

  • Client: I didn’t realize it before. Even overwhelming sensation seems to generate from under my feet and rising through the spine at the speed of light. They expanded through all my body and I felt it intensely in my throat before the intense feeling was gone. However I can still feel it over several weeks.

  • Facilitator: Amazing. When you are experiencing this do you see any images or hear any sounds?

  • Client: I hear a strong true voice from the origin of the sensation and I know what it is saying is right. I see myself associated doing the behavior in the future and I see it in the past.

  • Facilitator: You hear a strong voice from the origin of the sensation and you know what it is saying is right. You also see yourself associated doing the behavior in the future and see it in the past.

  • Client: That’s right.

  • Facilitator: OK. Now I would like you to see yourself dissociated/associated so you can just see yourself in the distance which is more appropriate for you ahead: front part of the body feet, muscles, stomach, chest, shoulders, arms and hands and you can’t see your face as you’re watching through your eyes ahead of you. See yourself getting answers through your gut feeling. That’s right. Make several representations and put them into a loop, so you can see yourself asking and you’ve got 6, 12, 18, 24 responses each more intense, stronger. Spin them faster, faster and faster, till you can put your hands into it and feel it in your body. Then relax and enjoy the knowing that something has changed, shifted. You will never be the same.


  1. Eliciting a feeling response. Location, size, solidness, heaviness, temperature, smell.

  2. Finding the origin, speed and direction of the sensations, pictures or sounds.

  3. Dissociate, Play it till you can Associate.

  4. Feel the shift in your body.


▶️ Youtube - Revelación en la mano experimento de ciencia revelado. Revelación escritura con ceniza

The video shows using utilize inner knowing for magic trick outcome.


Q: I’ve got two contradictory voices. Which one is right?

A: Inner knowing is kinesthetic feeling. Feel in your body location of origin of the voice and know the answer.

Q: I have followed the script and I didn’t get response!

A: You got response which wasn’t intense or strong enough. Vary submodalities. Make the sensation in proper place bigger, heavier, more solid. And most importantly trust, don’t push. Personally I ask and know I’ll receive.


  • I’m certain of one thing - uncertainty.

  • I’m 99.9% sure…but that .1% keeps me awake at night.

  • I was going to tell an uncertainty joke, but I’m not sure if it’s funny or not.

  • Certainty is an illusion, just like pants.

  • My friend claims he’s absolutely certain about everything. We call him Mr. Always Right—when he’s not around.

  • I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not too sure.

  • I finally got my confident personality down…I think.

  • I was confident my ex was the one. In hindsight, I’m confident I was wrong.

  • I’m certain I want fries with that. On second thought…

  • My certainty lasts about as long as my New Year’s resolutions.

  • I’m sure my beliefs are right and everyone else is wrong. But then again, who can really say for certain?

  • I was going to start an uncertainty support group, but I wasn’t sure anyone would show up.

  • I’m absolutely certain today is Tuesday…no wait, maybe Wednesday?

  • I used to be indecisive, but now I’m not sure.

  • I was going to tell a joke about indecisiveness, but I’m on the fence about it.

  • I’m 99.99% confident in my beliefs. That .01% is just a technicality.

  • I’m certain of nothing, except my own uncertainty.

  • If you think you understand quantum physics with certainty, you don’t understand quantum physics.

  • I was confident parallel lines never intersect, until I encountered my ex.

  • My horoscope said I’d suffer from uncertainty today. Not sure I believe that.


  • Anchored - as certain as being firmly anchored in place

  • Bedrock - as solid as bedrock

  • Bullseye - hitting the bullseye of certainty

  • Compass - following the unwavering direction of a compass

  • Cornerstone - as foundational as a cornerstone

  • Destination - as sure as reaching your destination

  • Drumbeat - as consistent as a drumbeat

  • Evergreen - as enduring as an evergreen tree

  • Foundation - as stable as a sturdy foundation

  • GPS - as pinpointed as a GPS location

  • Guidepost - as definitive as a guidepost

  • Keystone - as integral as a keystone

  • Lighthouse - as guiding as a lighthouse

  • Magnet - drawn with the unbreakable force of a magnet

  • Moon - as regular as the phases of the moon

  • North Star - as fixed as the North Star

  • Scale - as precise as a balanced scale

  • Sundial - as predictable as the shadow on a sundial

  • Sunrise - as consistent as the daily sunrise

  • True North - as absolute as True North




“The quieter you become, the more you can hear.” - Ram Dass

  • Since I can remember I got glimpses of the future I was certain about.
  • Since 1997 I started to study subjective experience with the tools of NLP in order to enhance my gut feeling and get access to the state of inner knowing. My journey had lead me through different locations, meeting many interesting people, learning languages, cultures, strategies how to cope.
  • Today I am sharing part of the path.


Thoroughly exploring the sensory qualities of inner truth, then amplifying and looping these, people can grow their connection with intuitive knowledge. The submodalities provide a bridge between conscious effort and instinctive knowing. This enables better in-the-moment decisions guided by an inner voice.

While dramatic transformations are possible, this is not a quick fix or cure-all. Progress requires dedication and patience. However, with sustained practice, increasing peace, clarity, creativity and joy naturally arise. We come home to ourselves, realizing our unbreakable connection to all life.

Copyright: © CC BY-SA 4.0
Citation  Attribution:
Klimsa Vladimir, (Aug 29, 2023), ⚓ GUT FEELING - CERTAINTY PROCESS

🗂️ Knowing 📁 Communication 🏷️ Tools Metaphors

Klimsa Vladimir
Klimsa Vladimir
He is an explorer of the structure of subjective experience, seeking a deeper understanding of how people experience the world through their conscious and subconscious minds. He studies the inner worlds of thoughts, feelings, and sensations that shape our perceptions, behaviors, and choices.
Knowing - This article is part of a series.
Part : This Article

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